• AEI Clients

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  • Chief Executive Officer, Middle Market Manufacturing Company

    "The leadership development process and emotional intelligence techniques that my Executive Team has learned from AEI has increased engagement at our organization and helped deliver a 23% CAGR of EBITDA over 5 years. The wisdom to see ourselves through our employees' eyes is powerful and continues to fuel our growth."

    Chief Executive Officer, Global Pharmaceutical Company, Fortune 200

    “AEI had a significant impact on my life as a I faced new leadership challenges in increasing positions of responsibility. Additionally the process provided me with insights on how to improve my personal relationships as well. Both of these have made me a more authentic and humble person.”

    Chief Financial Officer, Global Insurance Company

    "AEI helped me tremendously to become a better leader, husband, father, and friend by working to make me see my entire self and how everything I do resonates within all my relationships.

    It is amazing how we all impact other people."