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    The Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence was the first firm in the world to mine the neuroscience of emotional intelligence for its applications to business. The firm was founded by Dr. Paul Wieand and Dr. Jan Birchfield in 1995 who both personally witnessed social capital breaking down when an organization didn't have role models across every level of the organization building trust.


    Since 1995, AEI has offered practical, results-oriented programs for leadership development and corporate culture change. Our executive coaching practice is designed for senior and high potential executives who are seeking to optimize their overall leadership effectiveness. Our process is designed to help leaders hone the skills they need to build and mobilize strong organizations


    Our leadership development model stems from the research we and other scholars have done into the impact individuals have on the overall performance of organizations. In today’s rapidly changing and often turbulent business climate, we hold emotional intelligence to be the single most distinguishing characteristic of truly exceptional leadership. Emotionally Intelligence Leaders can sustain high levels of performance because they:

    • Act without defensiveness or arrogance
    • Lead and collaborate with accurate empathy
    • Are driven by social values rather than by fear
    • Leverage the paradoxes in their personalities to better adapt
    • Tolerate ambiguity and model appropriate transparency
    • Welcome dissent as a means of getting at the truth


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