• Cohort Learning Programs

  • Our Approach

    Our group learning process is built around learning-cohorts of peers. This process helps identify the critical insights necessary to help clients maximize their impact. Cohort-based learning programs often combine individual coaching and group workshops, providing an optimal blend of individual and group learning.

    Our passion is in helping people find an authentic approach to leadership while gaining a competitive advantage by increasing emotional
    and social intelligence. We find cohort-learning is one of the most effective ways to develop leaders.

    Potential Topics

    • Cohort Introduction & Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
    • Building Trust and Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture
    • Effective Management: Team Coaching & Delegation
    • Storytelling and Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
    • Establishing and Leveraging Your Personal Leadership Brand
    • Leading Through Uncertainty & Strengthening Your Network
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