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    Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive learning experiences. We integrate small-group discussion, large group discussion, and individual reflection with presentation of key principles and concepts. The programs are designed to help participants understand the foundational principles of emotional intelligence, relate them to their individual circumstances, and use this knowledge to improve their relationships in the workplace, while advancing their personal development. An outcome of the workshop is the creation of a community of fellow learners to whom colleagues can look to for insight, engagement, and support.​


    Although we have broadly defined a set of workshops, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. As a boutique firm, we always modify our programs to meet our clients' needs.

  • Exceptional Leadership: Balancing IQ with EQ

    This session explores why leveraging both IQ and EQ is necessary to be an exceptional leader. Through an interactive session, we explore the physiological and biological aspects of emotional intelligence and how we can develop and manage our brain’s emotional functioning to make us better leaders. This session provides powerful insights into our unique strengths and opportunities as it pertains to emotional intelligence. Participants will have the opportunity to challenge assumptions and build upon their individual development plans.

    Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration with The Enneagram

    Our Enneagram Workshop is grounded in the use of emotional intelligence to improve participant’s communication and collaboration. We review the principles and structure of the Enneagram, as well as an overview of the nine personality types. This will provide each individual with an understanding of their natural strengths and development areas. We provide an overview of the group composition making participants aware of the variety of personality types in their cohort.

    Begin with Trust: Team Dynamics and High Performance

    Are you investing in your most strategic network? In this workshop, we will measure the strength of your current network and help you create an action plan to increase the strength of your network. You will learn the three types of networks you operate in and identify practical ways that you can better leverage your network to build your own and firm-wide social capital.

    Leader as Coach: Expanding Learning Capacity

    This interactive session gives managers and leaders the opportunity to develop and practice their coaching skills. A global survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review and SuccessFactors found that 1,400 millennial respondents wanted more feedback from their managers. In fact, millennials said they desired one-on-one contact 50 percent more than their colleagues of different ages. This session provides managers with a coaching framework they can apply to their leadership practice. Participants will leave understanding of the value of providing feedback plus practical techniques for applying a coaching approach to various situations.

    Women In Leadership

    We’ve combed through latest research, articles, and books to bring you the most relevant and important insights on Women In Leadership. We will help you understand where gender equality is today and provide your team with frameworks and techniques to encourage their success. Our workshop topics have included building your personal leadership brand as well as building and leveraging your social capital. All the content shared will be customized for your audience based on our ongoing conversations, our pre-workshop interviews, and pre-workshop survey.

    Building Social Capital: Unlocking Your Strategic Network

    In today’s complex business environment, leaving your networks at operational and personal is no longer sufficient. Leaders need an array of advisors, mentors and role models to provide critical information and support at defining moments. Consider how you invest in your strategic network? In this workshop, we will measure the strength of your current network and help you create an action plan to increase the strength of your network. You will explore the three types of networks you operate in and identify practical ways that you can better leverage your network to build your personal and firm-wide social capital.

    Building Trust in a Virtual World

    Although we’ve been operating virtually for some time now, many organizations still struggle with how to build a sense of trust and connectedness among team members who are working remotely. To help business leaders navigate this shift, we've developed a highly interactive virtual workshop. This workshop helps participants build a deeper understanding of themselves (self-awareness) and their colleagues (social-awareness). In today’s virtual environment, trust and psychological safety are more important than ever. Using self-awareness and social awareness, we explore some specific actions you can take now to improve and further support your team, both internally, externally, and cross functionally.

    Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Lead in all Facets of Life:

    Work, Family, Community, and Self

    Each of us interacts with the world in multiple dimensions, which we typically experience in distinct contexts. For most people, these include work, family, community, and self. While the contexts are distinct, the impact and influence of these relationships does not remain confined to a single context. Just as one can bring the energy and inspiration from a relationship in their community into their work life, they can just easily bring the negative aspects of a toxic professional relationship into their interactions with family. Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool to help individuals develop authentic, enduring, productive relationships in every facet of life.

    Communication and the Emotional Glass Ceiling

    This interactive session explores the connection between human relationships and communication, and highlights how they relate to emotional intelligence and ultimately building social capital. Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool for moving an individual toward realizing his or her potential. Altering emotions is a communications challenge that succeeds only when it breaks through a person's emotional glass ceiling. Participants will leave with a fundamental understanding of emotional intelligence plus practical techniques for building greater social capital.

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