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    The greatest challenges business executives face today have to do with building and mobilizing social capital. For over twenty years we have focused exclusively on the people side of leadership development. Our executive coaching model grew from the science behind emotional intelligence. Since AEI's inception, we have continued to refine a proprietary process that allows us to develop leaders rigorously and effectively over the course of six to twelve months. We do highly individualized work while simultaneously providing a business framework and curriculum that reinforces the relationship between an individual's leadership potential and the opportunities for meeting critical business objectives.

    Although we have broadly defined a set of programs, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. As a boutique firm, we are able and willing to be creative and adaptive, modifying our programs to meet our clients' needs. ​Emotional intelligence in the context of leadership development represents a transformational process that is deeply personal and cannot be hurried, but which has long-lasting impact.

    Six Month Coaching Program

    Participants will be introduced to AEI’s leadership model through readings, films, and one-on-one discussions. As an integral part of the process, participants increase their self-knowledge through self- and 360-assessment and will be coached on how to convert this self-knowledge into emotionally intelligent, authentic leadership.
    ​Components: AEI course curriculum, In-depth personality and leadership style assessment, goal setting session, five executive coaching sessions.

    Twelve Month Coaching Program

    ​The most popular of AEI's offerings, this comprehensive yearlong program introduces participants to pivotal research in leadership development and culture change. Beginning with personal development, participants are given tools with which to convert self-knowledge into personal and team effectiveness and improved business performance.
    Components: AEI course curriculum, In-depth personality and leadership style assessment, goal setting session, ten executive coaching sessions.

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