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  • About AEI

    AEI was the first firm in the world to mine the neuroscience of
    Emotional ​Intelligence for its applications to business.

    Since 1995, we have offered practical, results-oriented programs for leadership development and corporate culture change. Our executive coaching practice is designed for senior business executives who are seeking to optimize their overall leadership effectiveness. Our process is designed to help leaders hone the skills they need to build and mobilize strong organizations.

    With emotional intelligence as a cornerstone, exceptional leaders can gain a competitive advantage in

    today's fast-changing and knowledge-driven business climate.

  • Our approach to leadership development is highly interdisciplinary, combining business and psychology, as well as philosophy and cultural anthropology. Leaders who participate in an AEI program will more fully understand the complexities of human nature and will develop practical techniques for applying an aptitude often referred to as emotional intelligence to their leadership.

    Achieve Your Potential

    Our unique executive coaching model grew from the science behind emotional intelligence. Our coaching is highly individualized and provides a business curriculum that reinforces the individual's leadership potential while achieving critical business objectives.

    Expand Your Learning Community

    Our workshops are designed to help participants understand the foundational principles of Emotional Intelligence, relate them to their individual circumstances, and use this knowledge to improve their relationships while advancing their personal development.

    Increasing Team Effectiveness

    In team coaching we utilize the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS). Developed by renowned Harvard scholar-practitioners, it assesses 6 conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team’s ultimate succes. We support teams in assessing their current performance and defining a roadmap for improving their effectiveness.

    Challenge and Expand Your Thinking

    ​Leaders who attend our speaking engagements will more fully understand the complexities of human nature and will develop practical techniques for applying emotional intelligence to their leadership.

  • We are a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise in leadership, coaching, psychology, philosophy, cultural anthropology, neuroscience, business and strategy. We facilitate powerful and sustainable change at the identity level for individuals, teams, organizational units and whole organizations.​

  • Our clients include senior executives from a broad range of industries from some of America's most admired companies. They represent a similarly broad range of company profiles, from Fortune 100s, emerging growth companies, non-profits, and start-ups. Listed below are some of our clients:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Middle Market Manufacturing Company

    "The leadership development process and emotional intelligence techniques that my Executive Team has learned from AEI has increased engagement at our organization and helped deliver a 23% CAGR of EBITDA over 5 years. The wisdom to see ourselves through our employees' eyes is powerful and continues to fuel our growth."

    Chief Executive Officer, Global Pharmaceutical Company, Fortune 200

    “AEI had a significant impact on my life as a I faced new leadership challenges in increasing positions of responsibility. Additionally the process provided me with insights on how to improve my personal relationships as well. Both of these have made me a more authentic and humble person.”

    Chief Financial Officer, Global Insurance Company

    "AEI helped me tremendously to become a better leader, husband, father, and friend by working to make me see my entire self and how everything I do resonates within all my relationships.

    It is amazing how we all impact other people."

  • AEI News & Updates

    AEI's leadership development model has been cited in numerous publications including the London Financial Times, Fast Company Magazine, Ivey Business Journal, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and TNLT.com.

  • AEI's headquarters is located in a 250 year old converted stone barn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, centrally located between New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Princeton, and the Lehigh Valley.


    AEI has a second location in the historic Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

    196 Red Hill Road Ottsville PA 18942
    2159 W Caton Street Chicago IL 60647
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