• Tony Kacmarsky

    Strategic Advisor & Contributor

    Tony Kacmarsky’s 25 years of experience include management and leadership positions in top law and real estate development firms. What he discovered along the way – we are each responsible to write and re-write our own stories and must find the courage to do so. Tony helps those who hold positions of authority become true leaders.


    Prior to AEI, Tony served in the roles of General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer, and Workforce Development Chairperson during his 15 years with a commercial real estate and development company, recently recognized as best in its field in all of North America. Tony previously served as a litigator for one of New Jersey’s largest law firms, specializing in complex commercial matters for sophisticated corporate clients in federal and state courts.


    Tony had the unique experience of serving as a judicial law clerk for judges in New Jersey Chancery Court, District Court and (by designation) the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Tony began his career as a CPA.


    Tony brought this experience together to recently complete a Master of Science degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. He was the first MSOD student to receive Penn’s prestigious “Dean’s Scholar Award.” Tony received a Faculty Award for the novel choice and decision-making model he developed in his capstone thesis entitled: “A Story of Choice: It’s (Mostly!) Like Playing Speed Chess, Dominoes, and Freeze Tag While Wearing Kaleidoscope Glasses and Singing Patriotic Hymns.” Tony has a JD, magna cum laude, from Seton Hall School of Law and an undergraduate degree in accounting.


    Tony is also President of Corenda Consulting, a strategic alliance of AEI, focused on the unique strategic concerns of law firms.


    In his spare time, the long-time New York Mets season ticket holder volunteers for and helps his daughter to manage “Share The Care Write Now,” a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

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