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  • Our Approach

    Our organization assessments collect rich information and convert it into actionable change. Our process is highly customized and gets the right people involved in figuring out what to change and how to do it. Increasing the understanding of the human side of your business is critical to achieving sustainable high performance results.

    Culture Insights to Action Assessment

    Culture is complicated and depending on the size of your organization change will take time. AEI works with the organization's leader and their team as well as other critical influencers. We collect rich information about the organization and through collaboration with the leader, AEI provides an action plan that can be implemented by the organization or through continued partnership with AEI.

    Pre and Post-Acquisition Assessment

    AEI has a unique approach to objectively and confidentially gain insights into the strengths and development opportunity areas of individual leaders and leadership teams. This information is critical pre and post-acquisition. AEI will articulate the most critical areas for your organization to address in order to create or sustain strong results through a high-performing leadership team. This objective perspective on the strengths and opportunities of the business and leadership is a critical first step in understanding where to focus resources.

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